Giving Back

Annual Foster Kids Christmas Party

6aac365119eab49ed72eDid you know that there are over 18,000 foster children in the state of Washington? This is a staggering number of children without a permanent home. Most of us can hardly fathom a life without a place to call home. At the Wesley Inn we are dedicated to helping these children find a better life.For 15 years the Wesley Inn has partnered with the Pierce County Alliance (PCA) Foster Care Agency to find ways to help make these children feel loved and valued. Each year we host a party for the children where they are presented with a special gift and a fun party where they feel honored.Sue Braaten, the owner of the Wesley Inn, has worked with the Agency for over 25 years. Sue participates in home and school visits, takes the children on outings and speaks for them in court. Because of Sue, many staff members of the hotel have become involved in bringing awareness to these youngsters.


The Homestead

326ce9e61e02c5c45934The mission of the Homestead is to provide a stable home where foster children of Washington state can feel safe, secure, valued, and able to nurture their sense of personal worth
We are currently raising money to break ground on construction, and our goal is to have children occupying the Homestead in 2017. Please join our cause to help us raise awareness of this new program and to raise money for the building fund! To learn more or donate please visit our website


Bags for New Beginnings

This program started several years ago, to help the ladies who were just released from the Purdy Women’s Correctional facility. We are located directly across from the bus station in Gig Harbor. Many times when the women are released, they need to catch a bus to get to where they are going to begin their lives out of prison.

The ladies would be released to the bus station and while waiting for their bus would come in to the hotel to use the restroom or make a phone call. Sue Braaten, the owner of the Wesley Inn, felt we could be doing something more for these women to bring them dignity during a time in their life they are feeling very low. She came up with the idea of getting new or gently used purses and filling with different items the ladies could use for the next couple of days while getting acclimated to life outside of prison. The bags are filled with toiletries, water, granola bars, an encouraging book, paper, pen and a phone card. We have invited the community to help us in collecting these purses and items to fill them with.

We have been doing these bags for over 10 years and the program has been incredibly appreciated by the ladies. The newly released have become aware of the program and are quick to come to the hotel for their new purse. Along with their treasure, we give hugs and encouraging words. We tell them that the community loves them and wants them to do well.